Bass Fishing The Chicago River

Part of a three Bass Day. Cold Front bass fishing on the Chicago river using BIG Plastics.

Duration : 0:6:45

[youtube 4ajUo3Or0mg]


  1. HeathMc says:

    Lose the music, …
    Lose the music, please. We can’t hear you. Otherwise good video.

  2. Hittinupthelinks says:

    nope :)
    nope :)

  3. ducklandwikeno says:

    I have not seen a …
    I have not seen a northern pike , taken from that river . I seen them taken from the des plaines river by lyons il dam .

  4. TheSugar182 says:

    yea u can tell its …
    yea u can tell its a spotted bass by the shape

  5. AdeptAngling says:

    FISH #1:

    FISH #1:


    FISH #2

    Spotted Bass

    Fish #3

    Spotted bass.

    Although They Resemble a Large mouth Bass in color pattern, They have a mouth more of a small mouth bass. The majority of Bass Caught in the Chicago River are Spotted bass.

  6. andysomethinsomethin says:

    dude…..i finished …
    dude…..i finished this argument so long ago but i doubt theres an official site about fish

  7. cfl990 says:

    some you mean like …
    some you mean like 90 percent you must go to some bogus sites


    Just a guess, just …
    Just a guess, just south of Foster?

  9. slicer119 says:

    i fish with a top …
    i fish with a top water frog and it is fun to see the bass attack them suckas

  10. laxitup14 says:

    you dont judge them …
    you dont judge them by the size of the mouth
    you can tell they are largemouths by their pattern

  11. matt234pm says:

    i have the same bait
    i have the same bait

  12. lilnoles says:

    Definitely …
    Definitely largemouth.

    You’re the man!

  13. TheExperience69 says:

    the mouth looked …
    the mouth looked small them bass

  14. senario32 says:

    Powerbait is great! …
    Powerbait is great! I caught my biggest bass to date on a 7 inch powerbait worm in Green Pumpkin color she weighed 4.5 pounds.

  15. Michigander28 says:

    That’s definitely …
    That’s definitely largemouth bass. Look at the lateral line. It’s very visible. Smallmouth bass have a very thin lateral line and tend to be fatter than that. Google largemouth bass. They look the same as the ones on this video.

  16. tcba1987 says:

    Those are …
    Those are definitely Largemouth Bass………………i fish lots of tournaments i should know dumbasses !!!

  17. tcba1987 says:

    I fish tournaments. …
    I fish tournaments……..semi-professionally and those fish are Largemouth Bass !! Sorry to disappoint you all !!

  18. whitetailbasslayer says:

    those are smallmouth
    those are smallmouth

  19. juggla10 says:

    where is the launch …
    where is the launch on western? i live on western and montrose

  20. geezyhafzdim says:

    bass are goog eating
    bass are goog eating

  21. cncmills26 says:

    i just caught my …
    i just caught my first large mouth a couple of days ago then caught three more, i was camping and actually cleaned it cooked it and now i have a new love.that was the very best fish i ever ate. i want to know everything there is to know about how to in the city of chicago, before the summers over. you actually made me forget i was in a relationship, i wish he shared my new found passion of fishing.if you ask me you’d be the catch of the day.

  22. jasonwnorris says:

    George… Just saw …
    George… Just saw this video for the first time. One of your BEST. Keep up the good work man, you are well on you way to being a true Chicago area fishing aficionado!

  23. bangzoom2 says:

    Cool Vid!! I have …
    Cool Vid!! I have fished the Chgo River for several years. Have you ever launched at the new ramp on Western?

    Also, I get a kick out of all those Doofuses who don’t know a Largemouth bass from a bottle bass and dog you unmercifully about it.

  24. vettdude5 says:

    ok your a …
    ok your a retard if you think those are smallmouth bass. A smallmouth has a bronze color. A largemouth has a lateral line and has a green color. You obviously dont know about fishing at all and should just quit while ur ahead. Learn your facts first before you say something.

  25. andysomethinsomethin says:

    hey buddy listen im …
    hey buddy listen im not ignorant alright…after further research i found out some breeds of largemouth are the dark color his fish was