Green River Lake crappie fishing… plus a surprise catch!

Crappie fishing guide David Jones shows us how to fill the cooler with good sized crappie on Green River Lake. And after 20 years of crappie fishing he hooks into something that even he is surprised to see.

Duration : 0:7:6

[youtube iPsXFyPWHbs]


  1. Turbosetman says:

    My friend Robbie …
    My friend Robbie from Columbia told me about this video and these nice fishin’ guys.
    It is videos like this, that make ya’ want to contact these pros and go whack some Crappies with em’.
    We are gonna offer them a Turboset for that long Crappie net.
    And a Musky too! Awesome!

  2. GuitarGal135 says:

    Man, i wish when i …
    Man, i wish when i go fishing i could catch that many. but i did catch 7 channel cat one time. it was awesome

  3. TheCatFan21 says:

    @ryrford Green …
    @ryrford Green River Lake is close to Campbellsville. South Central KY.

  4. greentimmyblueniki says:

    those are pretty …
    those are pretty nice crappie those big ones that you kept on catching are just like the regular size last time i caught a 3 pound crappie believe or not and man the crappie was a hog state record but nice fish

  5. dennisalex5 says:

    when do crappie …
    when do crappie feed in northern texas

  6. 2889joeracer says:

    man did i catch the …
    man did i catch the monster of crappies today. it ate a 5 inch swimbait

  7. CrappieTexan says:

    Very good quality …
    Very good quality video & catching crappie ain’t bad either……

  8. jurassicsushi says:

    I have gone out …
    I have gone out 5x’s so far and haven’t caught a single fish.
    I don’t have a boat nor do i have a dock with a light on it for night time crappie.
    I could watch you catch those fish all day.
    It’s the closets i will come to catching a croppie. My record so far: 3 yrs and only caught 4 crappie.
    Check out my videos and tell me what you think. 5 Stars for having a awesome video.

  9. ryrford says:

    Nice video. Where …
    Nice video. Where is Green River?

  10. W3ST0NB says:

    dang the muskie got …
    dang the muskie got away haha

  11. douiopl says:

    gota love crappie …
    gota love crappie fishing

  12. philly442 says: