River Striper Fishing

Billy Todd and his dad venture out for some East Tennessee River Stripers. Nothing huge but lots of fun on the water

Duration : 0:5:1

[youtube ofV3YXoXwnY]


  1. madfisherman96 says:

    nice vid, good job …
    nice vid, good job with the catch and release

  2. 4ALECS says:

    NICE VIDEO! Finally …
    NICE VIDEO! Finally a good song on a youtube video…lol. I live in Cali. Very few people practice catch & release. Most dont follow the rules. Cali waters will be fished out in no time…

  3. rkb12222 says:

    caught some big …
    caught some big ones down here in florida haha

  4. rkb12222 says:

    cought some big …
    cought some big ones down here in florida haha

  5. iTzzEuphoriaaaaaa says:

    One time my dad was …
    One time my dad was out on the paddle boat fishing the channel he had a chrome lipless crankbait just lettin the current take it and he hooked a striper pulled him in the paddle boat about 400 feet down the river hahahah

  6. snaganaga says:

    Good job for …
    Good job for releasing.

  7. unmecraizer says:

    NICE FISH!!!!!!!!!
    NICE FISH!!!!!!!!!

  8. semco72057 says:

    That is a large …
    That is a large bass, but I don’t like game fishing. When I go fishing I’m looking for fish to put in the pan for eating. I stick with river, or creek fishing just for that reason and love the fish we get out of there. There is nice large lakes here in Arkansas and I worked for the state and had a large lake and the Arkansas river which has bass, and catfish which is so large divers don’t like going into, especially near the dams due to the size of the catfish.

  9. 71Revolucion says:


  10. TheSmitty0716 says:

    yeah kinda small in …
    yeah kinda small in iowa but take a few hour strool to dam lock 19 there great 20pound+

  11. DelbertThao says:

    favorited! too bad …
    favorited! too bad MN don’t got stripers. closest is iowa but most are small.

  12. DelbertThao says:

    so good, and so fun.
    so good, and so fun.

  13. BDav38 says:

    Its a striper or …
    Its a striper or striped bass

  14. lala123 says:

    what fish was that …
    what fish was that
    it looks like a carp is it?

  15. monkey916 says:

    hey what you guy …
    hey what you guy use for bait?? lures,live bait worms??? the first one was a nice one very fat!..keep it up!

  16. BDav38 says:

    yes it is, we use …
    yes it is, we use bait that is too big for regular floats

  17. gwano13 says:

    is that a ballon??
    is that a ballon??

  18. raykaybg says:

    da song is tight,, …
    da song is tight,,its from rocky4 wen apollo creed got killed by the russian guy(doiph lungrend) lolll…

  19. zezimawanabefriends says:

    in water…
    in water…

  20. raplamaster03 says:

    check out the …
    check out the stripers on bojons911 they are nice ones

  21. GuitarHeroGod481 says:

    Where Do U Fish
    Where Do U Fish

  22. BDav38 says:

    we use everything …
    we use everything from 20 to 80 lb braid… just depends where we are fishing..

  23. GuitarHeroGod481 says:

    What Lb Test
    What Lb Test

  24. spinfisherbob says:

    Check out …
    Check out Spinfisherbob Channel on Youtube

  25. frewcc says:

    eating your fish …
    eating your fish doesnt mean youre not a fisherman if anything it makes you more of one