what is a good river cat fishing bait?

i just started fishing in the Catawba river and i done know what bait to use for cat fish. what is the best baits for catfish? i don’t have a boat i fish off the bank whats my best bet for a moderate sized cat?

shad,perch,bluegill,etc.you can fish em whole,or i like to open their gut and then double em over on the hook.i also like redworms and nightcrawlers when the water is up,and i just started using sonny’s super stinky channel cat bait with a sponge and treble hook.it has actually been very productive for me.i did however catch a 20 lb flathead on it.ive been hitting 6-10 lb fish every time i go out with that stinky goop.here i fish grand lake of the cherokees.the fishing down under the 10 bridge has been good with the stink bait as well as the mudflats just east of the bridge.the water is low and shad are everywhere,so the cats really aint hitting em so fast.white bass has been good here as well down there.im 5 minutes from 2 different boatramps and about 20 minutes from elk river ramp.