how do set up a fishing pole for salmon fishing in the river?

i am going fishing tomorrow and don’t know how to rig the pole for salmon or what to use or how to tight the right knott or what kind of line

Once salmon approach fresh water (rather than the salt water of the ocean), they don’t eat anymore – the focus of their life has changed – they’re preparing to mate, they grow teeth and start changing. This time of year, I guess you’re fishing for coho?

Here in Southeast Alaska, we use poles when they’re in the ocean (no bait, just big hooks with something shiny to attract them and then plan on getting lucky and hooking them) or nets. Once they’re in the river, you pretty much just catch them with a net or gaff, toss them ashore, and club them on the head.

If you have to use a pole, put lots of big hooks on it and keep trolling until you catch one on some part of its body, then tug. hard. :)