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http://www.fishingmag.co.nz/Tasmanian-Devil.htm Rigging Tips for the Tasmanian Devil Trout Fishing Lure – It has a unique fish-like rocking action but doesn’t spin or twist line. More about Tasmanian Devil lure on our website above. The lure made in Australia; video from New Zealand. This video shows the best rigging method, removing the wire and connecting your line straight to the hook, so jumping rainbow trout don’t throw the lure!

Duration : 0:2:44

[youtube 84oGrQ5MVeA]


  1. jazzmusicplayer says:

    @fishingstories874 …
    @fishingstories874 ok so when i cast should i cast across the river and reel it in or down river and reel it in?

  2. fishingstories874 says:

    In New Zealand …
    In New Zealand Tasmanian Devil fishing lures are used for trolling and spin fishing for brown and rainbow trout on lakes and rivers. Some Canterbury anglers also use Tasmanian Devils for upriver salmon fishing.

  3. jazzmusicplayer says:

    what fish are these …
    what fish are these good for?

  4. DJJimCowley says:

    i remember years …
    i remember years back when these lures came out…. they were very effective in attracting trout but many times the trout would just follow them and not take…. i found the smaller version more effective…
    also as the guy said definatly take out the wire as they arent worth shit.

  5. Shadofx says:

    who knew?,,i feel …
    who knew?,,i feel kinda foolish

  6. modeinfo says:

    i’d like to use it …
    i’d like to use it at Russia’s Far east mountain rivers))) We will see – it will be very interesting)))

  7. Kremlin60 says:

    @MrCrowe12 thanks!
    @MrCrowe12 thanks!

  8. MrCrowe12 says:

    Yes you can get …
    Yes you can get them at Bass Pro Shop. Or just go to theie website and they have a lot of different weights and colors

  9. Kremlin60 says:

    are these lures …
    are these lures available in north america?