Where to Trout fish in Tennessee? I am planning a Tennessee fly-fishing trip need a good location.?

A few friends are going fly-fishing in Tennessee but need a good location to go. Wild trout streams would be great but will consider a stocked stream. We are also taking the families so a few will want other daytime activities. We will be doing a self-guided fishing trip, will be camping but have thought of a cabin if available. Maybe 10 people total with two kids. I have need to fight a wild trout on a hand tied fly.


Fly Fish Tennessee seem to have some good info for you.


Also R & R



  1. pcchocoholic says:

    I don’t remember the city, is in TN, but I’m sure you can do a search on it. I went to a place called "Terry’s trout farm" it is a stocked lake and i’m not sure if its a good place to really "fish" but after you catch ur fish they cook it for you, nice dinner spot to eat some trout. My mom and step dad took me as a child and i still remember screaming when the line with the fish on it was wrapping around me, lol
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  2. Only the Beginning says:

    yep I Know there aren’t very great waters in Tennessee but spring creeks

    if you like the trout Parks is a great place to go

    you wont make a killing in spring creeks butt there are some Pretty rainbows there
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  3. S124AB says:
  4. geobert24 says:

    Check out the Holston River near Bristol, Tenn. It’s fed from the South Holston Dam which is a bottom release dam so the water stays cold all year which is perfect for trout. There is some stocking in the river but also a lot of natural reproduction. Lots of fish and the chance to catch some monsters, especially huge browns. There are also some small trout streams within 30 minutes of the river so you can fish when they are generating. Beaver Dam creek, about 15 minutes from the river, has a fly fishing only section. Then you have Tennessee Laurel creek near Damascus, about 25 minutes away. There are several fly fishing shops in the area that could give you tips on what to use and where to fish and are completely stocked with flies, tippet, etc. God luck on your trip.
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  5. Brook E says:

    Given all your stated requirements, I’d make a bee-line to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Some great trout fishing in it’s many streams, lots of outdoor activities for the family, and, if honky-tonk is wanted, Gatlingburg, Pigeon Forge, and Cherokee are a short drive away.

    To fish the Park your need either a Tennessee or North Carolina fishing license, and there are some special regs (particularly applying to brook trout).

    Check with the Park office for details on any special regs. And you can get all sorts of great info from flyshops in nearby towns, such as Townsend.
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  6. Meriel says:

    Hey! My friend is a fly fishing/trout fishing guide in N. Georgia and he knows a lot about the Tennessee waters as well. He runs a great blog where you can ask him any fly fishing questions you may have — really great guide and very knowledgeable

    Check out http://kent-klewein.com/georgia-fly-fishing-blog/

    Lots of great posts about the best trout fishing waters in the South, techiques, etc.

    Have a great trip!! :-)
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  7. TN Farm Boy says:

    I agree with the Great Smoky Mountains NP comment. they’ve got several good streams. i haven’t been trout fishing in about 7 years and i don’t remember where we used to go but it was about a 2 hour drive from the maryville area, which is about a 30 minute drive from the GSMNP. however, i don’t know which direction from maryville it was. i’m planning on going trout fishing this year and i’ll be going to the GSMNP, but only because its so close to my house. if i had any one of my uncles or my dad with me i could give you a list of streams. sorry i couldn’t be more help.

    good luck
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